Yes. We are open to treating emergency patients only by appointment.

Please call our office. We will conduct an interview over the phone with you first to identify your concerns and determine if an appointment is necessary.

Call our office at 412-632-1475 to discuss scheduling an appointment.

When making an emergency appointment we will be taking a thorough medical history prior to scheduling an appointment to ensure it is safe to treat you at this time for yourself, our staff, and other patients. It is very important to have that information readily available, as well as any insurance information.

Safety of our patients and staff is a top priority for us. We want to make sure we can get our patients emergency needs met while providing a safe environment in which to do so. We have taken additional infection control measures which include, but are not limited to; limiting how many patients are treated at a time to reduce who patients come in contact with, introducing surgically clean air technology that allows us to purify the air reducing harmful aerosols, and providing our staff with top line personal protective equipment. If you have any further questions regarding the safety of your appointment, please contact our office directly.

Please bring your ID, any insurance information, and a list of current medications you are taking. The only people allowed in our waiting room is patients, or if a minor they are allowed one parent/guardian with them. Please leave any family members or friends at home or in the car.

At this time we are not scheduling any routine dental procedures. We are only treating emergencies at this time in accordance with CDC and ADA recommendations. It is unclear as to when we will be permitted to resume routine procedures, but will continue to keep our patients updated with this information as it becomes available. Anticipated date to resume is June 1st, but is subject to change.

We understand that this is a difficult time financially for many. If you have questions regarding cost, payments, or financing options please call our office to discuss 412-632-1475.