Dental Plan

Dental Plan

The Nova Dental Plan

One simple fee entitles you to all the important preventative dental services at no additional charge.

An Affordable Dental Care Plan

Annual fees vary according to family size. The Nova Dental Plan fees are based on the following:

One Member$249
Each Additional Child$149
Each Additional Adult$199


  • Two Dental Cleanings
  • Annual Examination
  • Two Fluoride Treatments for Children Under 14 Years Old
  • Bite-Wing X-Rays as Needed
  • Dental Consultations
  • Oral Hygiene Instructions
  • Emergency Examinations
  • Post-Operative Exams
  • 15% Discount on Most Services

For Kids

Many of our child patients can't wait to visit least that's what their parents say! This positive attitude towards dental health occurs because our Nova team specializes in making kids initial visit pleasant and memorable. Our Nova dentists aim to build confidence and eliminate anxiety in patients of all ages.

To Schedule an Appointment or enroll your familiy, contact one of our three convenient locations today!

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